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"Pyro-5" Frag hand grenade

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"Pyro-5" Frag hand grenade

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A simuated traning device with an “active pin’ is ideal for airsoft military sports, military reenactments and safety practice of grenade handling techniques. It shall be used in training ranges or other specially designated areas.

Product Information.

BODY: ABC Plastic .

Filling:  PYRO-5 "Г" - peas and wax

Time delay after initiation: 3,0-4,2 seconds 

Safety clip: Active

Mass: 120-140 grams (+/-10%)

NEC: Mo more 1grams

Cass of pyrotechnic device: P1 (EN 16263-3)

Hazards: Acoustic emission no more than 120dB

Danger area radius: 10 meters

Quantity per package: 12 pcs

Water resistance: IP66 (Note: Protected from rain and short term immersion) 

Expiry date: 24 months from manufacturing date


How to initiate the grenade:

To use the grenade, grasp it with your right hand, ensuring that the fingers hold the safety lever down against the grenade body.Before throwing, slip your left index finger through the ring and pull it removing the safety pin.You can hold the grenade in your hand as long as the lever is not released.Chose the target and pick the right moment to throw the grenade at the intended target.Once the grenade is thrown, the safety lever detaches under the pressure from the striker spring and flies off with a popping noise, releasing the striker. In 3,0-4,0 seconds, the pyrotechnic element inside the grenade will explode, dispersing the fragments in radius of 10 meters and emitting a puff of white chalk powder.


- Persons under the age of 18 years are not allowed to use the product.

- Do not handle the product without wearing protective eyewear.

- Do not pick up the product after initiation. Wait for at least 10


- Do not disassemble or redesign the product.

- Do not use outside of training ranges or other specially designated


- Do not use near those facilities and structures where fire hazard


- Do not use expired products, or products with visible defects of the


- Keep away from heat sources.


Storage and Disposal: 

Dud or expired grenades shall be soaked in water

for 24 hours and then disposed together with domestic waste.

Operate at temperatures between -30°C to +40°C and relative humidity

less than 80%.

Store in a place inaccessible to children.

Store in the original packaging at temperatures between -30°C  +40°C

and relative humidity less than 80%.


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