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  • AFG-4 Grenade ( pack of 10 )

AFG-4 Grenade ( pack of 10 )

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Package bundle - 10X AFG-4 stun grenades

A compact hand grenade for airsoft shooting equipped with a solid pea-shaped projectile. Ideal for indoor and dynamic assaults. The retarder has a firing time of 2-2.5 seconds. Conventional power is "Corsair-4". Weight of the grenade is 85 g, diameter 42 mm, height 120 mm.

Hand pyrotechnic imitation grenades are intended for use in paintball, airsoft and other military-sports games as imitators of hand-held fragmentation and smoke grenades.

The grenades are thrown by hand after pulling the ring of the igniter. The grenade bursts after the deceleration system is triggered by the pressure of the gases produced by the pyrotechnic element in the case.

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