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HPA conversion kit for TAG-ML36

  • 565.00€

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This kit include:

1) 3CI compressed air tank with 950PSI regulator,

2) Air supply adapter with on/off and degasing function, nozzle plate,

3) adjustable aiming device with folding leaf calibrated for the current model of HPA ballistics, and specially designed CNC made butt-stock, 

TAG-ML36 launcher equipped with this HPA kit will provide you with excellent accuracy in any weather and temperature between -20C’ and +40C’ with perfect consistency for 40 shots per tank fill. 

Please note – in order to assemble an HPA version of TAG-ML36 you will need the following TAGinn products:

1) TAG-ML36 launcher, 

2) TAG-ML36 Standalone chassis, 

3) TAG-ML36 HPA conversion kit (current product). 

This kit installation requires basic technical skills. Contact your local technician if necessary.

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